Freeze your REST API for fast response times. Coming soon →

Frost API is a no database cache system that saves your GET requests into a JSON formatted file for a period of time. Once cached the response times are ridiculously fast. Perfect for people that want to build a beautiful headless WordPress website.



No database?

That’s right no database. Most WordPress REST API’s at some point have to request data from the database anyway so caching the data in the database doesn’t really make any difference in the time response.


Cached as JSON files

Once the response is fetched it is cached in it’s own JSON file with the filename hashed. This JSON file is then loaded early to prevent the REST API needing to do anything else and returns the response much faster. If the file has expired, the cache clears the JSON file and fetches a new response before freezing it again.


No settings page

No need for a settings page. Frost API works out the box. If you do need to make any changes, there are filters available. See documentation.


CORS Supported

We know when decoupling from WordPress making requests from another domain can cause issues with the browser. That’s why CORS is also supported out of the box. See documentation if you wish to fine tune it to your specific needs.


WooCommerce Supported

When ever you add or update a product or the stock changes. The cache for that product is cleared and cached again in the background.


CoCart API Supported

When you have loads and loads of products in your WooCommerce store. Fetching the product data for your beautiful decoupled WooCommerce store must be fast for your customers.


What our customers have to say about Frost API.

Frost Testimonial

“Frost API is a plugin in my list of top 10 for performance. It really speeds up client’s sites like no other.”

—Allison Taylor, Developer

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Frost Testimonial

“My mind is completely blown. Frost API allows me to cache my REST API an out perform my expectations.”

—Anthony Breck, Developer

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Frost Testimonial

“Frost API is an amazing tool for WordPress even on slow shared hosts. It really does what it says.”

—Rebecca Jones, Project Manager

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Your local & staging sites don’t count against your license limit (learn more).

Applicable taxes are added at checkout before payment completion based on your selected location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Frost API before I buy?

There is no downloadable version. But you can try the latest version of Frost API online for free by creating a sandbox.

Is it allowed to build client websites with my Frost API license?

Absolutely! You can use your Frost API license on your own and your client’s websites. A client being someone you build a website for with Frost API. Reselling of the license itself is strictly against our terms.

How do subscriptions differ from lifetime plans?

Subscriptions renew yearly until canceled. Whereas a lifetime plan requires only a one-off payment. The lifetime license is truly lifetime. Meaning you will receive all future updates and support, and not just for Frost API v1.x.x

No matter which plan you choose, every plan includes all the features mentioned.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Once canceled, your license remains active until the end of your current billing period. After that the license status changes to “canceled” and you will no longer have access to updates and support.

But you can still use Frost API as before. As you won’t be able to receive updates, please be aware that running outdated versions of any software brings an inherit security risk with it.

Can I use my license on local and staging installations?

Yes, local and staging site installations don’t count against your license limit (learn more). So you can use your license on your live site and your local/staging site at the same time.

When you deactivate a license key on a site, or remove the site from your account, this frees up the activation limit too.